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The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), requires all regulated firms to publish transparent pricing in certain areas of law in which we deliver legal services to members of the public.

In all cases our preference is to provide our potential clients with a bespoke quote for our bespoke service. If you would like a “no obligation” tailor-made fee estimate please contact us by email to info@unsworthrose.co.uk or call us on 020 7483 4411 to discuss further.

As with all services, should any unforeseen complications arise which will impact on our fees, we will inform you immediately to discuss the potential consequences before you incurring any fees in addition to those set out in our initial estimate.

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Legal Fees

Our fees in these matters typically range from £3,000 to £20,000 plus VAT (where applicable) depending on the circumstances and complexity of your matter. The guide below applies in a typical probate matter and we have listed examples of situations which may complicate or delay the work.

Our hourly rate for probate cases is £250 plus VAT depending on the experience and qualification of the appropriate fee earner.

Typical probate disbursements

“Disbursements” are costs and expenses related to the probate which are payable to third parties, such as taxes, court fees, etc.

  • Probate Court Fees of £155 plus £0.50 per additional copies of the Grant (VAT not applicable).

  • Swear Fees £5 to £7 (VAT not applicable).

  • S27 Trustee Act Notice in the London Gazette £78 plus VAT.

Typical timescales and key stages

  • Identifying estate property, establishing a summary of the deceased’s assets as at the date of death including a valuation of the deceased’s assets and liabilities for estate and tax purposes and preparing the appropriate HMRC inheritance tax account: 3-6 months from instruction.

  • Establishing the basis for testamentary or other dispositions, preparing the relevant Oath for the personal representatives and submitting the application for the Grant to the Probate Registry of the High Court: 3-6 months.

  • Collection of estate assets, payment of estate liabilities and testamentary legacies and distribution of residuary estate: 6-9 months.

  • Estate accounts and income tax reports and returns: 6-12 months.

Examples of non-standard probate instances

  • Whether there is a will and if it has been located

  • Whether any executors have died or refused to act

  • Whether the grant of probate is likely to be contested

  • Estimated total value of assets

  • Number and value of properties and whether they are outside England and Wales

  • Number and value of actual assets/liabilities apart from properties

  • Number of beneficiaries and if any do not have capacity under the Mental Health Act or a minor

  • Whether there are any trusts in the Will

  • Whether there are any missing beneficiaries

  • Whether the estate is taxable

  • Whether any gifts were made in lifetime

  • Whether any forensic work is needed to create family tree under intestacy

NB: This list is not intended to be exhaustive.


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