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Conversion to LLP status

In common with other professional services firms, Unsworth Rose has converted to limited liability partnership (LLP) status. This change took effect on 1 May 2016. Please note the following information about the conversion.

What will our name be?

We will continue trading as Unsworth Rose. Any reference to Unsworth Rose or Unsworth Rose Solicitors shall mean Unsworth Rose (Solicitors) LLP.

Will the fact that we are an LLP affect our clients?

No. We will continue to provide a quality service to our clients. Our valued team and staff will remain the same as will our quality systems. As a consequence of the transfer of the business of the former Unsworth Rose partnership to the LLP, the LLP accepts all the rights and obligations of the former partnership performed after 1 May 2016. Accordingly, all client files and confidential information has been transferred to the LLP. All clients who deal with the LLP are deemed to have consented to this process. This is a technical change to the provision of our services but will not affect the way in which we provide services on a day to day basis. Unsworth Rose (Solicitors) LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Will we still have Partners?

Unsworth Rose will continue to use the term “Partner” but any reference to a Partner of Unsworth Rose (Solicitors) LLP shall mean a member of Unsworth Rose (Solicitors) LLP with equivalent status. In fact, we welcome three new partners to the LLP; Rachel Jackson, Belinda Jones and Melanie Lawrence.

Will we still have professional indemnity insurance?

Yes. We will continue to have the same level of cover as that which was in place for the former partnership.

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